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Traditional publishing enterprises must integrate channel resources and innovate business model

they master the user resources of traditional publications, but lack accurate judgment on the reading needs and reading experience of users in digital publishing; Facing the strength of technology providers and operators, they are neither willing to compromise nor find a way out. Therefore, traditional publishing enterprises must integrate channel resources and innovate the value chain cooperation mode

first, innovate the user management mode. Traditional publication users are the cornerstone for publishing enterprises to cultivate digital publication users. Firstly, publishing enterprises can capture users' digital publication needs through traditional publication users; Secondly, provide users with personalized digital publications, and carry out personalized interactive user relationship management; Finally, provide users with growth value, stick to users and expand user base

second, provide channels with digital content products that can meet users' needs. The bottlenecks in the cooperation between publishers and channel providers are: first, the products are sold cheaply and the content is devalued; Second, the profit sharing is not ideal, and the interests are impaired. In order to change this situation, publishing enterprises must: first, according to the needs of users, carry out in-depth processing of content, provide digital content products with personalized value, obtain user information from channel providers, and constantly optimize digital publications; Second, try to explore cooperation with channel providers from the perspective of capital, product projects and operation processes

third, establish a win-win situation of cooperation and openness. On the one hand, the publishing house should strengthen the digital integration of content resources, on the other hand, it should actively carry out various forms of cooperation with technology providers and operators to leverage each other to achieve win-win results

innovate business models and improve profitability

in the face of massive digital content, to strengthen the operation of digital products, we must innovate business models. By integrating the existing users and channel resources of different media, we can develop the content for many times or cover the business to the existing user groups of different media. Portal mode, application + terminal mode and operator mode are the main business modes that publishers can try to operate at present

first, portal mode. The publishing house portal is an Internet operation platform built by the publishing house, so the construction of the station should not only highlight the characteristics of the publishing house, but also pay close attention to the development trend of the Internet. Therefore, the publishing house portal should be able to carry out three main businesses: first, disseminate the information of the publishing house; The second is to carry out integrated marketing of traditional publications and digital publications. The third is to carry out community interaction of publishing houses, maintain user resources and establish social networks. The main businesses of people's Education Publishing House's portal are: first, the dissemination of educational information of people's education publishing house; Second, provide network value-added services for users of PEP Textbooks; Third, through forums, microblogs and other interactive communication platforms, we can communicate with students, teachers and home gas spring experimental machine, which is suitable for the experiment and analysis of tension, pressure, displacement, curve and other aspects of gas spring, so as to meet the personalized needs of all kinds of users at all levels

second, application + terminal mode. With the maturity of mobile Internet technology and the popularity of intelligence, the application + terminal mode guided by user needs and experience has become an important competition mode for major businesses. Shanda literature has successively launched the book in the cloud in Apple IOS system and Google Android system, so it can match the city client products with the different materials tested; Wenxuan digital reading station has also added apps to Apple store in September. From the perspective of the development trend of Internet, functions such as experience, content professionalism, interactivity, multimedia and sociality will become the key to the success of application + terminal mode

third, operator mode. The strength of mobile operators, the continuous development of e-commerce, and the warning of Amazon's business expansion have almost put traditional publishing enterprises in a dilemma. The cooperation between traditional publishing enterprises and operators must be internal and external: internally, publishing houses must first deal with the interest game between paper book funds and e-books. Secondly, they should improve their awareness of copyright, especially electronic copyright; Externally, publishing houses should first obtain the pricing power of e-books. Secondly, publishing houses should pay attention to copyright protection. At the same time, publishing houses should strive for a reasonable share of interests

cultivate digital publishing teams and guide enterprise transformation

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from the digital publishing value chain, it can be seen that the business process of digital publishing is obviously different from traditional publishing. Using digital technology to develop digital content products and publishing digital content products through strong operation capabilities have become the core links of digital publishing. Therefore, excellent digital publishing talents not only need to understand the publishing process, It also needs to have computer and network knowledge, be familiar with the business operation mode of digital publishing, have keen market observation and product innovation ability, and be able to pay high attention to and analyze the market mechanism, marketing strategy and industrial integration

as an emerging industry, the lack of promotion of excellent talents has not only become the bottleneck of industrial development, but also the puzzle of the transformation of traditional publishing enterprises. Traditional publishing enterprises can solve the problem of digital publishing talents from the following three aspects

first, we should combine the introduced talents with internal talents. Compound talents who understand publishing, technology and operation should be high-end talents in the field of digital publishing. According to the current system and mechanism in the field of publishing, it is difficult to attract this type of talents. Even in the traditional publishing field, the talents who can command the editing, printing and distribution are limited, so the introduction of relevant professionals, such as information and intelligence, e-commerce, visual design and other professionals, should be a practical way. On the other hand, traditional publishing enterprises should stimulate their internal employees to actively explore digital publishing work. In the long run, traditional publishing enterprises ultimately want to achieve overall transformation. Give the space for the rapid growth of introduced talents and internal talents, and form a mode of division of labor and cooperation

second, the combination of ideological transformation and business transformation. For most employees in traditional publishing enterprises, digital publishing is both near and far away; Both eager to try and hesitant, at this time, there is an urgent need for professionals to guide and analyze them to form a good atmosphere. At the same time, it is necessary to lead the transformation of employees with specific businesses, so that employees can grow up in the business development. Jiangsu Phoenix education press regularly holds special lectures and seminars on digital publishing; Encourage all departments to actively develop digital product projects; And encourage employees to participate in vocational training in networking technology, and the enthusiasm of the whole society for digital publishing is high

third, we should build a digital publishing elite team and guide the transformation of enterprises. On the one hand, this team should be able to carry out business smoothly with partners in the industrial chain; On the other hand, we should be able to innovate the digital publishing thinking of the staff of the whole society, assist all departments of the society in digital transformation, and provide valuable strategic guidance and direction guidance for the digital publishing work of publishing enterprises

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