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fuzzy logic technology released by Rockwell Automation helps users solve nonlinear control problems and provides more accurate and automated batch processing capabilities

Rockwell Automation has released a new white paper, which discusses fuzzy logic and how it helps engineers solve nonlinear control problems that often occur in process applications. Fuzzy logic simulates human reasoning in a mathematical way and provides an intuitive way to design function blocks for intelligent control systems, advanced fault detection and other complex applications. The control system using fuzzy logic can improve the management of uncertain changes, such as temperature fluctuations

the white paper "using fuzzy logic in Logix for nonlinear control and decision-making" provides the best case for using fuzzy control for design, and discusses its advantages compared with traditional control methods. In addition, this white paper summarizes how to use rslogix5000fuzzydesigner software package to develop fuzzy logic algorithm for Allen bradleylogix series programmable self steel 7-9 times automation controller. This white paper introduces the latest functions of rslogix5000fuzzydesigner software package. For example, fuzzy logic addition is of great significance to shorten the product development cycle, save money, and ultimately develop high-tech products with performance that meet the use requirements. These functions reduce development time, improve maintainability, simplify the installation of fuzzy logic programs, and help users protect intellectual property rights

"in essence, fuzzy logic is a way to add the experience of engineers to the control system," said jeffreysearer, product manager of Rockwell Automation software, "It can significantly improve the response speed to rapidly changing situations, so we are actively adding fuzzy logic to our Logix series controllers to provide users with a general control platform to meet their discrete, batch and advanced process control requirements."

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