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White pollution drives the development of innovative plastic film manufacturers

with the progress of society and the improvement of environmental protection requirements, plastic films have long been the focus of environmental protection departments because of their long degradation cycle and easy to form white pollution after abandonment. At the inflection point of the development of the industry, the plastic film manufacturers with workshop style, extensive type and low scientific and technological content will inevitably be eliminated

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in the past two years

in recent years, more and more products have been moved into the laboratory. China has paid more and more attention to environmental protection issues such as non degradable plastic products and plastic pollution, which further illustrates that innovative and functional plastic film manufacturers that can grasp the market opportunity and adapt to social development will usher in a new round of development wave

in addition, more than 10 plastic film manufacturers, including guanri, Lantian Environmental Protection, Arkema, DuPont, Atlas, Trina Solar, and huilun, as well as more than 20 scholars and experts, participated in the kick-off meeting for the formulation of national standards for polyfluoroethylene insulating film (pvf/pvdf) for crystalline silicon solar cell modules hosted by the national insulating materials Standardization Committee

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