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Big white rabbit milk candy has entered the ice hockey world

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core tip: is the white rabbit out of the popsicle? This news stirred up all major social platforms this summer. Many people dried out the white rabbit popsicles they bought. The classic blue and white packaging and the playful "bearded" fat rabbit aroused people's thick childhood memories. But what people didn't expect was that the "white rabbit Popsicle" with an enlarged package of white rabbit milk candy was actually a fake

[China Packaging News] is the big white rabbit out of the popsicle? This news stirred up all major social platforms this summer. Many people dried out the big white rabbit popsicles they bought. The classic blue and white packaging and the playful fat rabbit with a beard aroused people's thick childhood memories. But what people didn't expect was that this white rabbit popsicle, whose outer package seemed to be an enlarged white rabbit milk candy, was actually the solution: fake goods

popular cold drink shop by appearance

nostalgic white rabbit has entered the world of popsicles! Big white rabbit, that's right, it's a large ice cream with the taste of milk sugar. In recent days, the information of the big white rabbit popsicle has been frequently swiped on Weibo and circles of friends, and people have asked where they can buy it

although popular, many people say they have not really seen this kind of popsicle. After many searches, the figure of big white rabbit popsicles was found in a small shop in Qianliang alley, Dongcheng District. Each popsicle is about two fingers thick and close to the palm of an adult. There are eight popsicles in a bag, each of which is 2 yuan. This is a new product. It sells very well. The store owner told that many customers bought the package as soon as they saw it. After eating one, they thought it was good, and then they bought a package and took it away. In his opinion, although they are all milk flavored popsicles, among products of the same size, the price of white rabbit popsicles is on the high side, and the reason why they sell well is entirely due to their unique packaging

I was attracted at a glance. When Wang decibel, a post-80s girl, saw the big white rabbit popsicle for the first time, she was a little excited. The shopkeeper just finished loading the goods and before she could put it into the freezer, she paid for it. As it was a new product, the store owner also checked the purchase order to confirm the price. Just like an enlarged white rabbit milk candy, the milk taste is very strong, which is completely consistent with my impression that the large and micro extrusion catheter has always been as high-precision white rabbit as 1. After she brought the popsicle to her colleagues, it also resonated with everyone. Colleagues took photos and sent their circle of friends. Several people immediately said that they would eat it this summer

at a glance, it's like looking at it carefully.

but in fact, the big white rabbit popsicle and the big white rabbit milk candy are not brothers. The green box is printed with the classic white rabbit popsicle of the innocent era, and the single one is packaged in red, white and blue. At a glance, it looks like the plus version of white rabbit milk candy. It has all kinds of information, such as ingredient list, nutrient composition list, shelf life, producer information, bar code, food production license number, etc. in the column of product name, it is marked with the classic white rabbit (popsicle)

however, careful comparison will show that there are still many details differences between this white rabbit and that white rabbit. The rabbit on the package of the big white rabbit popsicle is in a crouching position. There are two lines of classic big white rabbit and Chinese Pinyin Da Bai Tu above and below the rabbit, and two words of popsicle are written in small characters below the rabbit; The rabbit on the white rabbit milk candy package is sitting posture, marked with five words of white rabbit milk candy and red and black English white rabbit. In addition, the edges of the outer packages of the two products adopt the pattern of rabbits facing each other

it is noted that the packaging paper of the white rabbit popsicle is also printed with a logo with the words "four seasons cold drinks" and marked with the word TM representing the trademark being applied for. Packaging information shows that the manufacturer of this white rabbit popsicle is the four seasons cold drink store in Huangshatuo Town, Tai'an County, Anshan City, Liaoning Province. Those who are familiar with white rabbit milk candy know that it is the main brand of Guanshengyuan, a time-honored brand in Shanghai. Yesterday, I tried to contact the four seasons cold drink store, but the number on the package was never answered

consumers advised Guanshengyuan to keep pace with the times

in the case of fraudulent use of external packaging, the staff of the anti counterfeiting Office of Shanghai Guanshengyuan group publicly responded that they had never authorized any individual or enterprise, and the ice cream with the big white rabbit logo on the Beijing market had nothing to do with the big white rabbit brand. He said that the company was investigating the matter. The pattern seen on the photo was similar to that of the white rabbit, but the manufacturer could not be seen clearly. At present, they could not buy related products, and would be dealt with seriously if found. The staff of HRA, HRB, HRC, HRD, HRE, HRF, HRG, HRH and Hrk did not disclose whether Guanshengyuan has registered the trademark of white rabbit for cold drinks. It is understood that a similar incident occurred in 2005. A manufacturer in Changsha used the word "big white rabbit" without authorization, and this time it used not only words but also patterns without authorization

although they know that the big white rabbit popsicle is a fake, consumers don't seem to mind. Wang Beibei told him that it doesn't matter whether it's fake or not. It tastes good. Choose the required experimental machine according to the maximum bearing capacity of the experimental materials. The maximum experimental power is the measuring range of the experimental machine. It's ok if it looks good. Thinking of this idea shows that the enterprise is using its brain. Some consumers even feel that since the market response is so good, it is better for Guanshengyuan to simply develop cold drink products to meet demand, or magnanimously acquire this enterprise. Time honored brands should also keep pace with the times. If they always want to rely on their previous advantages, they will be eliminated by the market sooner or later. Wang Beibei said

after inquiring the trademark inquiry system of the Trademark Office of the State Administration for Industry and commerce, it was not found that white rabbit had registered trademark categories related to cold drink products. Obviously, the loopholes in the trademark registration protection of Guanshengyuan give counterfeiters and infringers an opportunity. But to say the least, even if Guanshengyuan has not registered the trademark of big white rabbit cold drink, it can still safeguard its legitimate rights and interests in accordance with the law. Zhu Wei, a partner of Beijing Dayue law firm, told that big white rabbit is a well-known trademark, and the scope of protection is broader than that of general trademarks, which is not limited to the categories it is registered. Therefore, big white rabbit popsicles deliberately imitate the design of big white rabbit's registered trademark, which is suspected of infringement

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